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At Wichita Family Dental, we treat each patient as an individual. As every patient’s needs are different, the cost of your treatment will vary. Before we begin treatment, we will discuss your treatment options as well as the payment options available to you. We want you to be fully informed about your choices so you can make the best possible decision for yourself.

We file most forms of insurance and because benefits vary depending on the providers, we will do a complimentary benefits check at your first appointment. We offer various forms of dental financing with credit available in time frames that meet your needs. We are happy to help you navigate your dental insurance and alternative payment options.

MEDICARE and STATE INSURANCE, including KANCARE, do not pay our providers. We would be happy to see you in the event of an emergency, but all fees will be due at the time of the appointment. 

As a courtesy to you, we will bill your insurance company and track claims. Please let us know if you make any changes to your insurance plan. You are responsible for the fees charged by our office, no matter what your insurance coverage may be. Most insurance companies respond to claims within four to six weeks. Any remaining cost is your responsibility.

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Patient Billing

Payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made in advance. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us at (316) 630-9339Please remember you are fully responsible for all fees charged by our office regardless of your insurance coverage. We will send you a monthly statement. Most insurance companies will respond within four to six weeks. Please call our office if your statement does not reflect your insurance payment within that time frame. Any remaining balance after your insurance has paid is your responsibility. Your prompt payment is appreciated.

Payment Options

To help you Smile Now and pay over time, we offer access to flexible payment plans for your dental needs. Check out your financing options today.

Alphaeon Financing

Our office also offers Alphaeon as third-party financing. Please be aware, Alphaeon requires credit approval. You can apply for Alphaeon at our east location below.

Logo of Alphaeon Credit, financing partner for Wichita Family Dental patients.

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