Meet Dr. Chuck Pierson

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Dr. Chuck Pierson, experienced dentist at Wichita Family Dental, known for comprehensive and compassionate care.

Meet Dr. Pierson

Dr. Pierson graduated from UMKC DENTAL SCHOOL in 1983 and served as an instructor before beginning his practice in Wichita. After graduation, he completed extensive training in orthodontics and implant surgery. Dr. Pierson is a member of the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION, the AMERICAN ORTHODONTIC SOCIETY, the ACADEMY OF OSSEOINTEGRATION, and the FLYING DENTISTS ASSOCIATION. He has served as a consultant for publications in the Journal of the American Dental Association, past chairman of the Dental Peer Review Committee, and volunteer pilot for Angel Flight. Dr. Pierson and his wife Dr. Caren Windle have two adult children, Anya and Adam. Dr. Pierson’s purpose is to provide comfortable, excellent dental care.

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Female patient providing a testimonial at Wichita Family Dental, commending the quality and comfort of dental treatments.