Meet Dr. Michael Mcdaniel

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Dr. Michael McDaniel, skilled dentist at Wichita Family Dental, specializing in innovative dental care.

Meet Dr. McDaniel

Dr. McDaniel is a Wichita native. He earned his undergraduate degree in chemistry from WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY. He has a Master’s Degree in Management and Finance. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the NYU COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY. He is a member of the AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION and the WICHITA DENTAL SOCIETY. Dr. McDaniel and his wife Hang spend their free time with their daughter, Olivia and son, William.

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Patient Danny sharing his positive experience at Wichita Family Dental, highlighting the clinic's exceptional care.


Female patient at Wichita Family Dental sharing her testimonial, praising the attentive and personalized dental care.


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Female patient providing a testimonial at Wichita Family Dental, commending the quality and comfort of dental treatments.